Halloween marks the beginning of the festive period in the American culture. The holiday season is a period to give and show love, gratitude, and attending several end of year parties for different organizations. To some, it is a time to shop for families, co-workers, friends and to all those who have supported you all through the year. The holiday season is the time to decorate your home and have the shinning light of Christmas and Hanukkah flow all around us.

The holiday can also be a time to remember those who cannot afford to put food on the table, and are living in darkness. It is a time to make donations to your favorite charities as a means to assist them in finishing strong with their projects as the year comes to an end. This is a season for most corporations to maximize their charitable giving for tax write-off. The holiday season for some is when most companies start planning for the next year’s activities. It is a time to evaluate the year in whole.

Holiday for some families bring some sadness over a loved one, especially for children who have lost a parent. It is most painful for a spouse who lost the significant other around or close to Christmas. What a sad memory!

How about the breadwinner of the family who just lost his/her job as the company is downsizing around the holiday season? Think about families that were displaced recently by fire or natural disaster and lost everything they have worked and saved for all their lives.

For each and every one of us, the holiday season can be fun or just a period of sadness for some people.

We give thanks that we are alive and healthy as we prepare for 2018. As you enjoy the season, also remember needy families by either sending warm greetings or get involve in an organization that is bringing smiles to their faces.

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