Finding Humor During A Loss

Humor, sometimes can be therapeutic in sad situations or during a loss. Humor is good for the heart, relaxation, and decreases stress; it can also be used to find solace.

During the recent Hurricane Harvey, I spoke to a friend whose house was flooded, and she was not even aware of the evacuation warning, and was hit by the flood inside her house while she was upstairs. She miraculously escaped the flood, but lost everything in the house. She was all by herself as her family was out-of-town.

I finally got hold of her on her way travelling out of the country for a family member’s funeral at the Atlanta international airport. She took a taxi to Atlanta, for all she wanted was just to get out of the depressive environment and deal with her loss later. As we were catching up on the disastrous hurricane Harvey experience, I reminded her once again that I was happy she came out of it safe, and that she can always replace what ever she lost.

She told me how she could now walk over to her neighbor and ask for a drink of water, because all the walls that separated them were all destroyed by the hurricane. I told her that would promote harmony among the people in her neighbor since there are no separations between them by the walls.

I told her a story of a gentleman in Nigeria, who during a recent cyclone that blew away their apartment’s roof chased the roof in the deadly wind that was racing at 125 mph with all his neighbors. What a dangerous thing to do! It can only happen in a developing country, where people can risk their lives during a natural disaster to save properties. It is like chasing your property in the hit of a hurricane, when you are supposed to be evacuating. We both laughed for minutes at the silliness of the roof chasers during a deadly wind.

We both felt good at the moment of our talking and laughing knowing that life, safety, and family are important in our lives. I was glad that her stress and depression over her hurricane loss was overtaken by humor just before she boarded the plane.

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