Health Promotion and Hygiene at St John School-So Real!

In 2015, barely one year after I lost my husband, an idea to start a foundation to honor him floated all over my brain. Self-resistance almost took over the idea of helping a very poor school community in an impoverished village with no water OR sanitation. The resistance was mainly because my loss was just too fresh to embark on any new project. After much deliberation, I could not let fear of the unknown to stop me from serving.

I went on the computer and did all the necessary paper work needed by the State of California to start a non-profit organization, and the Hippolyte Foundation was born. By the summer of 2015, we were awarded a 501©(3) charitable foundation status. I happened to be in Nigeria that summer. We visited a primary school as we were driving pass it. The school building was pathetic and very unsafe for the students’ ages (6-12). I was with my daughter, and she could not believe that people could actually stay in such an unsafe environment.

As we toured the classrooms, the floorings were broken and some areas are about 2 feet deep, and turned into water poodle. To say but the least, “the students use the bushes as toilet and there is no running water in the school community”. How can this be possible in the 21st century? It is a reality! The four-toilet facility at St John School has just been completed and we are starting a new water initiative for the school is on the way by God’s grace. (See Pictures of Project below).


Completed Four Toilet Facilities at St John School

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