Gratitude is the Key to A Successful Living

Gratitude is just being mere “thankful” when someone does a good deed or favor for you. It can also be an appreciation of a relationship, friendship, business favors, or just expressing your heartfelt gratefulness to a stranger, a family member or a professional colleague. Do you recall the first hug from your toddler saying thank you for feeding him/her or for buying that special toy for him/her?

One of the first teachings by a parent to a child once they start conceptualizing things is to say thank you. You can agree with me that a child who grew up in an environment where gratitude is a norm, would grow up to be a grateful adult when situations warrants it. Most children’s’ songs and bible verses are filled with gratitude. There is a always a smile on the face whenever gratitude is expressed. One would arguably say that gratitude is therapeutic for those who practice it.

The Priest, Rabbi or Imam emphasizes that their congregation acknowledges how grateful they are for the privileges, we as human beings have over other creations by God. Because of that superiority, the world has evolved so dramatically for good. Science can be interpreted as human’s expression of their prefrontal cortex, which differentiates us from other animals. Human beings should be grateful for that gift.

A yoga instructor often starts and ends a class with an expression of gratitude, setting the participants minds for positivity and openness to the world. If you practice meditation, there is always a moment of calmness of appreciation, and being grateful for whom you are, your family, work, and good health. Gratitude with a smile can reduce tensions on your facial muscles, and directs positive energy flow to the heart.

I am grateful to all that would be reading this blog, my business associates who believe in my expertise and keep the referrals flowing, my friends, employees, and all that I have had the opportunity to interact on a positive level. I am most grateful to my family for being in my life, for God perfected that creation when he made you my gene.











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