Celebrating Passover


I recently celebrated a Passover Feast with a women-sharing group at my church. It is interesting to know that we were all Catholics, but decided to participate in this highly spiritual and meaningful celebration “Passover”. We were all enthused at the dinning table. The Paschal Meal prayer, with the beautiful festival lights, and the plates that actually has the pictures of what part of the meal goes where was fascinating. The plate was filled with salt water, horseradish, green herb, and haroseth, morror, and matzoh; with a bowl of wine set at the father’s place (recall we were all women).

We systematically did all the mother, father special prayers as we followed the rituals; which includes distributing the cup of thanksgiving, holding the wine, washing of hands by the father, wiping his hands with a napkin, while praying. If you are a catholic, this ritual may sound familiar to you. We also did the Hagadah ritual. A Catholic Priest was invited to the ceremony, who hid the matzoh, and the youngest child could not find where it was hidden. We had the two next youngest children to assist with the search, and they were still looking all over the house, until I left.

My participation in the Passover Ceremony with these wonderful and highly spirit-filled women, gave me an insight on the biblical readings and the actual practice of the events leading to the Passover. There is a lot of history attached the Passover, such as from slavery to freedom; sorrow to joy, mourning to festive, from darkness to light, and from subjection to redemption for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Happy Passover to you!

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