High Stakes facing Home Care Agencies in 2017 With the DHSS Law


The new laws enacted by the Home Care Bureau/Department of Health and Social Services will definitely impact how home care agencies conduct business in the State of California. Using the metrics of the home health agency (HHA), which gets higher reimbursement when compared to the lower compensation that agencies charge clients, is not the best for the industry. The individuals who sat down and decided to pass the home care act, which is great for the agencies to be held accountable and for the safety of the consumers, perhaps did not realize the impact on the consumers as well, and the shortage of the home care aides can really make it harder on the consumers.

How about the cost for these services, which is going to skyrocket? What options are there for the senior citizens who would like to live in their own homes in their golden years, but can only afford to pay for limited services, which might compromise their safety and lead to hazards like falls, failure to thrive, and poor hygiene or poor maintenance of their environment.

We welcome raising the bar for home care agencies and the aides, but the economic cost for our senior citizens, whom the government have no provision to meet some of their basic needs at no cost for this population, is doubtfully unreasonable.

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