Holiday Act of Kindness


I recently went with a friend for holiday shopping; she was deeply saddened that a resident at the facility where she works was crying because he did not get any gift or card for the holidays. The families of the assisted living facility residents, bring the gifts to the nurses to be distributed to their loved ones. Unfortunately, some residents may not get gifts, cards or just a visit from their loved ones. Residents, who are still with their full mental capacity, can be heartbroken or feel forgotten by their family.

My friend was able to get the resident who was crying for being forgotten by his family a really nice warm jacket. It is important to know that this particular lady lives on paycheck to paycheck, and she is just barely surviving. She did not waiver in bringing some smiles to this 76 year-old man, who said that nobody loves or cares about him. When you see an elderly man crying for love and attention of the family he grew and helped in his younger years, it can be heart wrenching. I could not conscientiously see her make all those expenses. I offered to share the cost of her shopping.

We are still in the celebration mood for 2016, let us all do a soul searching and ask ourselves if we have touched somebody’s heart, not necessarily a family member, or a friend. It does not cost much to bring a smile to an individual or a community. A phone call to a lonely elderly person who lives alone; or a holiday card to a friend who has struggled all year with health challenges or loss of a loved one; or someone from your place of worship are meaningful ways of reaching out and showing love.

You may also consider joining a service organization like the Rotary Club in your local area for community projects.

Happy New Year and best wishes as we celebrate 2017.




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