Our Senior Citizens Deserve Better


Recently, a local Assisted Living Facility gave eviction notice to some of their residents without caring on the repercussion on the seniors who have been living in the same facility for decades. The oldest of the resident is 102 years, and one wonders why monetary values should override the empathy, love and respect for one of the most treasured populations in every culture.

Apparently, there was no transition plan for the residents in the take over agreement, resulting to eviction of the affected seniors. The anxiety and sadness as a result to of this action is unimaginable, considering the frailty and mental state of the victims. Should not they had a concrete transition plan with adequate resettlement for our protected seniors prior to subjecting them to this cruel act?

The elderly have given a lot to our community and should be respected and carefully considered before certain actions are taken against them. Housing is a basic necessity, and no senior citizen should be denied of that.

Kudos to the City of Los Angeles for stepping in to halt the eviction while negotiation is on going. The City of Los Angeles is one the best resourceful cities in the nation, when it comes to providing and caring for the elderlies.

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