Client’s Care Longevity in The Elder Care Industry

We recently tracked the average length of time that an individual needs and retains a home care agency. The indicators for requesting for care services are as follows:

  • Post Hospitalization
  • Early to late Onset of Dementia
  • Fall Precautions
  • Physical Frailty
  • In ability to maintain activities of daily living
  • Companionship

The average client in fairly good health who just needs some help to maintain their independence in the home setting and activities of daily living has a care span of about 3 to 9 years (This is more consistent with our client base).

The next category of clients are individuals who come to us with a history of early onset of dementia to moderate or late phase of the disease. This population tends to have care for 2 to 6 years, and if no decline of the disease can stay in their house with a live-in caregiver for longer. If living with a spouse who is healthy and involved in their care can even stay longer at home.

Another trend that is growing is the population that is elderly; live alone, in good cognitive state, but physically frail and lonely. This population often requires service a few days a week to meet their specific needs. They tend to plan their activities when the caregiver is at the house. The average care span for this population is 3 to 5 years.

The post-hospitalization population sometimes gets better and terminates their service.

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