Are the elderly to blame for the NHS/MEDICARE/MEDICAID crisis?

Baby boomers are often blamed for the financial crisis of the health system in the first world countries. This is an excerpt from an 89-year old lady who went on the defensive in London.

“AS AN 89-year old, I am fed up with hearing that the ageing population is responsible for alls that NHS, (National Health Scheme) in the United States Medicare/Medicaid, and the country in general.
We’re not responsible for the chaos in the maternity wards, nor for the large influx of new patients in the waiting rooms and clinics.
It isn’t us who are taken to Casualty, drunk and incapable, at weekends. We aren’t health tourists-we’ve paid in since the inception of the NHS.
We aren’t to blame for the classrooms overflowing with children unable to speak English. It’s not our fault the population has exploited or that there’s a desperate housing shortage.
We occupy our own homes only because we worked, saved, budgeted and did not get into debt. We draw the State pension, but that isn’t a ‘benefit’-we paid in for it.
There are many , like my husband who worked from the age of 14 to 65 (apart from four years of serving the country (Britain) as air crew during the war), who have never claimed benefits.
If our health deteriorates, we end up in a home, but that, too, we have to pay for if we have any assets.
It’s high time our contribution to society was recognized. The blame for the state of this much-loved country (Britain) should be elsewhere”.

If you are one of our readers in the United States and a senior citizen, the content of this debate should make you feel good.

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